CATR 2023 Conference Supporters

The CATR 2023 Conference wouldn’t be possible without the generous support of the following supporters:

We acknowledge the support of the Canada Council for the Arts.

Conference Hosts

Foundations and Institutes

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The logo for the Cole Foundation

Press Sponsors

Logo for the University of Toronto Press Journals

University Sponsors

Lead Sponsor

University of Toronto, Centre for Drama, Theatre and Performance Studies

Associate Sponsors

University of British Columbia, Department of Theatre and Film

University of Ottawa, Department of Theatre

Queen’s University, DAN School of Drama and Music

York University, Department of Theatre

University of Victoria, Department of Theatre

University of Manitoba, Department of English, Theatre, Film & Media

University of Lethbridge, Faculty of Fine Arts

Contributing Sponsors

Simon Fraser, School of Contemporary Arts

Carleton University, Department of English Language and Literature

University of Regina, Department of Theatre

Brock University, Department of Dramatic Arts

Western University, Department of English and Writing Studies

University of Waterloo, Department of Communication Arts

University of Windsor, School of Dramatic Art

University of Toronto, Scarborough, Department of Arts, Culture and Media

University of Winnipeg, Department of Theatre and Film

University of Saskatchewan, Department of Drama

DEI Training Event for CATR Board supported by

The Canadian Association for Theatre Research thanks the Federation for the Humanities and Social Sciences for its generous financial contribution to this project.